Moving Tips

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1 Check with the movers one day before with your moving company to ensure your move is scheduled.
2 Organization is the key for a smooth move and this is the time to start working on the details of your move.
3 Think about your new home layout and start thinking about where you'll place the furniture, create a floor plan of your new home and this will help reduce the stress of making decisions when your furniture arrives at your new home.
4 Always stack dishes on their side when packing, not flat!
5 Start packing items with less importance such as these you will not need to access immediately.
6 Organize your move by deciding and making list of what items you will not transport, what items your mover will move and what items you will move yourself.
7 Wrap china and all fragile items and pack with strong boxes, pack heaviest items on the bottom.
8 Label all boxes on the top and on the side.
9 Boxes are your friend, try and put as many things in boxes as possible, this will make loading/unloading and transportation much easier.
10 Always remember, the heavier the item the smaller the box.
11 Only trust reputable moving professional; saving a few dollars to have your neighbors kids move your belongings night cost you a lot more in the long run, have it done right this first time.

12 Leave the difficult to move items to professionals, why over exert yourself with the possibility that you might not be able to finish the task or damage your items.
13 Always use packing tape; refrain from using duct tape, it's impossible to get off.
14 Wrap all breakable items in non colored paper or wrapping; newspaper and other print may bleed on to your belongings.
15 We do understand that you may have to have pets or small children that need supervision with you; in this situation we suggest having an activity planned for the children in one room of the house where little or no moving activity will take place. For the pets, please keep them away from the movers, the most important safety factor here is that it is dangerous to have anyone or anything unpredictable around the mover’s feet.
16 Paints, aerosol cans, flammables and firearms can't be shipped in our trucks; this also includes LP gas tanks. We can transport BBQ grills; we just cannot transport the LP tank in our truck.
17 Make arrangements to have elevator access and proper parking at both locations; this is especially important for downtown, hi-rise type of moves. For apartment moves it is sometimes easiest to simply park two cars in the parking spots in front of your walkway then upon our arrival simply pullout and pull in, the trucks are large, so two parking spots are better than one in this application.
18 Bedding, cushions and pillows should be packed in boxes or large bags.