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Outstanding moving service
The best in Texas. We just used them to move my brother-in-law and everyone was thrilled with the professional service Houston 911 Movers provided. We'll definitely be using them on our next move.
Kelly J. Houston
12/10/12Excellent Service
I was lucky enough to have a friend recommend Houston 911 Movers to move from our three story town house to another three story house. We have had terrible moving experiences in the past, but had Houston 911 Movers move us this morning. I couldn't wait to write a review so that other people  will hopefully know how great these guys are and not go through the hell of terrible movers the next time they have to move. We had three guys and they brought their moving truck. All of our furniture, even very large pieces, was moved down the stairs from the old house and then back up the stairs at our new place without a single scratch on our walls or furniture. They arrived right on time and were very friendly and professional.They finished the job ahead of schedule which was great because we saved money. Others movers in the past have taken their sweet time in order to charge more hourly. Super frustrating. Anyway, we could not be happier with our moving experience this time around. Definitely call these guys next time you have to move.
Ana P. Houston
Very Nice
Most people worry about all their life being moved around in boxes and the fear of people taking your stuff/ trusting them. I can honestly say that I was not concerned about this in the least and we made a large move from the Houston medical center to the suburb of Sugar Land - they did a great job and they were very professional.
Carl D. Houston
This is a PROFESSIONAL moving company if you wanna pay $99 to have some college kids toss your belongings around, go right ahead.  Oh wait, you actually want someone to handle your stuff with care, making sure it is properly protected and loaded into the truck for the trip across town, then unloaded and placed in your new home exactly where you want it? Then I suggest you call Houston 911 Movers.
Elmer W. Houston
We used Houston 911 Movers to move us from SE Houston to Ft. Bend County. They arrived on time, were courteous, pointed out anything that was damaged or what not before they moved it and worked very fast but carefully. We moved in July and they never complained or took a break for that matter.

Everything arrived in perfect shape w/o any problem. We were concerned about moving this really heavy computer desk but they picked up and moved it w/o a problem.

I would highly recommend this company.
Sarah M. Houston
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